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May 2019 Summary Report from NYSAR

Published Monday, June 17, 2019


To:                                  NYSAR Board of Directors

                                    Local Board Executive Officers                             

From:                             NYSAR Staff

Date:                              June 17, 2019

RE:                                  May 2019 Summary Report


Membership Report/Financial Statement

Our membership continues to rise.  The count at the end of May, membership was up 1,172 members, bringing the total to 59,525 members.  We experienced similar growth last year at this time.  Our high point in the past two decades was 65,127 members in 2007.

The May 2019 statements are attached for your review.  As reported previously, we anticipate that Office Rent/Building Costs will be over budget due to vacancies on the third floor of our building.  E-Commerce Discount Fees are approaching the 2019 budgeted amount; however, some of these fees are attributed to the receipt of 2020 dues.  Later in the year, these fees will be accrued to 2020, bringing this line item back within budget. Click here to read full reports!