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Photography Copyright

Who Owns Your Property Photos? - click here to read an article from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR)

Window to the Law: Listing Photo Copyright Issues - NAR Associate Counsel Chloe Hecht discusses copyright issues relating to listing photographs and outlines risk management strategies you can use to avoid copyright infringement.

Sample Agreements

In order to assist members and member firms, NAR Legal Affairs created sample agreements, which should be modified as necessary to fit your particular needs.

These documents are provided as a sample, and are not intended to be and do not constitute legal advice, or a substitute for specific legal advice or opinions. The user of this sample document should not use this document without consulting legal counsel. The use of this document should be modified to address the specific legal needs of the user.

Work for Hire Agreement: This sample agreement provides that the commissioned photographs are a “Work for Hire”, which means the commissioning party is the automatic owner of the photographs from their creation.
Download: DOC | PDF

Assignment Agreement: In this sample agreement, the photographer assigns all right, title and interest in the photographs to the broker.
Download: DOC | PDF

Exclusive License Agreement: A photographer may want to retain its ownership of the photographs. In this sample agreement, the photographer grants to the broker an exclusive license to display and distribute the photographs in connection with the real estate industry.
Download: DOC | PDF

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